Beyond Mind/Body Medicine

Why are we trained not to know the areas for our health? And why do we expect doctors or a healer to give us one thing to fix our lives, like a pill, a session so we can get better? What if there is something else? And what is beyond the mind/body model? What are all the areas of full healing we need? And what is the full circle?

Western medicine does not address all of the components of the full circle because they’re not trained to look at human functioning from the holistic perspective. This is not alternative medicine but using the whole body, mind, emotions, and spirit.

There are fourteen areas that need attention that go beyond the mental and physical health and mind/body model. These areas are not alternative healing. The fourteen areas are parts of our life that we need for our health that is the new paradigm; body, mind, emotions and spirit.Watch the video Beyond Mind/Body Medicine by clicking here