NATURE SPIRITS ALL AROUND USWhen the collective gets a bit heavy for me, I retreat into Nature to sink into the rhythms we are all innately a part of and connected to. There is sacredness in listening, in being the observer and the student. The cycles of Nature continue despite our human experience, perceptions and beliefs - beyond right or wrong, light or dark, or any labels or judgements that our conditioned human mind would like to project and defend with ferocity.The manifestation of the Divine IS Nature. It’s in us, all around us, above and below. We can choose to tap into it. We can choose to remember our natural cycles and the interconnectedness of everything around us and within. It’s my belief that the more we disconnect from the Mother, the sicker the collective will become. It’s up to each of us to find our own rhythm, peace and truth. As for me, my journey into Nature is a sacred one. I hear the whispers of the trees, the slap of the beaver tail, the proud wailing of the pileated woodpecker and the varied sounds of the wings of the insects and songs of birds. It’s a beautiful, unrehearsed orchestra.