Natural Solutions to Improve Your Sleep

A night without sleep can be terrible.. 

Are you exhausted all day? Yet when your head hits the pillow, you can't seem to do anything but toss and turn for hours. For adults, averaging less than 7 hours each night has been linked to health issues. Not to mention the immediate effects include foggy brain, mood disorder, lack of productivity and unhealthy food cravings. Sleep is essential in order for the body to heal.

Cranky, hungry and tired. Who wants to feel like that every day?!?

There are many underlying reasons as to why you might not be sleeping well. Not something to get into today, but I can offer you simple solutions that only takes a quick trip to the grocery store!

For starters, many sleep issues relates to the hormone melatonin. This is a hormone secreted by the pineal gland and regulates the internal clock of the body. Due to caffeine, tobacco use, alcohol and exposure to artificial lighting-melatonin can be suppressed.

So one thing you can do is support your melatonin production to promote restful sleep.

From a nutrition perspective- I suggest adding in melatonin rich foods into your diet.



-Orange Bell Peppers

-Tart Cherry Juice



-Goji Berries