How to Increase Your Self-Confidence through Hypnosis

How to Increase Your Self-Confidence through Hypnosis

Effects of Low Self-Confidence

If you struggle with a lack of self-confidence, then you know the costs:

  • Social anxiety
  • Fear of dating
  • Poor performance in interviews
  • Fear of driving
  • Fear of rejection
  • Terror of public speaking
  • Low self-esteem
  • Fear of taking tests

You can miss out on joyful life events or a sense of accomplishment because of low self-confidence.

Matthew Tweedie writes: “It’s common for people lacking confidence to avoid seizing regular opportunities, due to feelings of inadequacy, fear of failure, or simply feeling that they don’t deserve good things in their lives.” A lack of confidence can also make it harder to change in other ways, such as weight loss or escaping a bad relationship.

Hope in Hypnosis for Confidence

If you struggle with low confidence, there’s hope in hypnotherapy for confidence.

Hypnosis can change the patterns of thought that make you fear going out and having an impact. Through hypnotherapy, you’ll come to realize that you have the power to make changes in your life and move forward.

Roger Elliott says, “Hypnosis builds a ‘bridge’ from where you are just now to your destination — doing what you want to do comfortably.”

Hypnosis Helps with Public Speaking

One of my clients, Quint, illustrates how hypnosis for confidence can help. “I was tired of the sick feeling in my stomach and sweaty palms every time I gave a status report at work,” he said.

Through hypnosis, he built his confidence enough to put his efforts into public speaking with Toastmasters. He went on to win the state Toastmasters competition and is going on to the International competition. His ability to stand and speak to an audience is a testament to his improved self-confidence. 

If you would like to speak your truth, stand taller, be able to look people in the eye — all with more confidence — then hypnosis may be the right step for you.

Building Confidence through Hypnotherapy

Building confidence is so important that our very first session together focuses on building confidence, repairing the damaged child, and restoring his or her confidence. Then the child can move forward in time and repair the adult’s confidence.

Throughout our hypnosis sessions, we work to repair whatever damaged your confidence. We create a “different” way of looking at life events. It’s easy to find out if hypnosis for confidence is right for you. Hypnosis and confidence-building go together like peanut butter and jam.

Where do you find low confidence affecting your life?