Your Elevator Speech

Your Elevator Speech

 ‘Elevator speech’ is a fancy term for the words you use when you meet someone who asks, “What do you do?” and you only have time for a sentence or two. In some ways your elevator speech is the most difficult story to compose because it allows very little time for conveying who you are, who you serve, and the problems you solve. That sounds like a tall order, and it is!  As you’ll see, it’s not really possible to write your elevator speech until you’ve clearly defined the people you want to serve and how you can help them. Then you’re ready to start! As you read the examples below, notice that in every case you get a clear sense of what this person does for a living and how they help people. A good elevator speech is dense and rich in both detail and meaning.

The formula for a memorable elevator speech includes two components:

The ‘I AM’ statement; and the

‘WHO do I serve/WHAT PROBLEM am I solving’ statement


Look at the elevator speech examples below and look for the two components, either directly stated or implied, in each.

~  I’m Lebanon, a Shamanic Bodyworker and energy worker. I help women who have lived with sexual assault regain their self-confidence, establish clear boundaries that make them feel safe, and stop blaming themselves for the past.

~  I’m Linda, a Holistic Health Advisor, and I help older women who are entering a new career late in Life to move past their confusion around food and exercise, change past destructive habits into healthy new habits, and regain confidence in their bodies and their futures.

~  I’m Melody, a Health Coach, and I help men and women who are preparing for major surgery by advising them on holistic supplements, teas, medicinal foods and meditation techniques so that they feel stronger, less fearful, and better prepared for surgery with the quickest possible recoveries.

~!  I’m Katie, a holistic vocal coach; I work with political and environmental activists who long to be listened to, to be capable and persuasive spokespeople on the subjects that matter deeply to them.

~  I am Leslie, an acupuncturist, and I help caregivers who are always caring for others reclaim time for themselves and to overcome sadness and exhaustion.

~  I’m Karen, a Pure Romance representative, and I help women of all ages be more playful in the bedroom and let go of some of their personal inhibitions.


Share your elevator speech below! (: