What is 97% of Your DNA Doing?

What is 97% of Your DNA Doing?

Potentiate Your DNA

This energy shifting paradigm was started by American Sol Luckman who wrote the books Conscious Healing and Potentiate Your DNA (2011).

Potentiation is a DNA activation that employs sound and light codes to stimulate self-healing and transformational potential in DNA.  Three percent of DNA is known scientifically to assemble our physical bodies.  Potential DNA or the other 97 % (labeled Junk DNA by most of science) is in constant meta-genetic interface with our bioenergy blueprint to activate healing. 

During DNA activation, transposons or “jumping DNA” are instructed by potential DNA to shift their chromosomal positions in small numbers when it comes to healing, but by the thousands during evolutionary transformation.  In 1983, Barbara McClintock was awarded the Nobel Prize for discovering transposons or “jumping DNA” which are found in the 97% of Potential DNA.   

The chakras control our biological functioning, but each one does not control the same organs and systems of the body for everyone.   DNA communicates via potential DNA to control our biological functioning and this communication is often misaligned due to toxins in the environment including vaccines.  Vaccines do not affect everyone in the same way.  Call me to find out why. Sound and light codes from the Regenetics Method can reset this DNA damage.  Recommended reading:  Potentiate Your DNA by Sol Luckman.

Epigenetics has evolved into a meta-genetic interface and this changes our perspective on healing.  Junk DNA (as scientists have labelled it) or the 97% that is in constant interface with our 3% of DNA is the focus of meta-genetics.  This 97% controls our collective and individual genetic blueprints.  According to Luckman, consciousness dictates our biological reality, not the other way around.  The primacy of consciousness is what controls our biological functioning and this domain is in the sound domain of time-space—not in the DNA or cell membrane of space-time.  Human language plays a lead role in activating DNA.

There are nine chakras and the ninth chakra merges with the second chakra after Potentiation to seal the fragmentary body allowing for the free flow of bioenergy throughout the body.  This is transformative on the physical level but also on the emotional, spiritual planes as well.  

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