How Healthy is Your Food?

How Healthy is Your Food?

We at FAIM believe that good health begins with proper nutrition attained through the consumption of healthy foods. We feel that it is important for individuals to have the option to choose what they eat as well as the ability to discern quality and nutritional content in the foods they select. As more research reveals the potential negative side effects associated with the consumption of Genetically Modified foods, we agree with those who advocate for people to have the right to know what they are eating.

In the last year, the news media devoted much attention to the subject of GMO foods, especially with regard to California's proposition 37, which would have required the labeling of all GMO ingredients on packaged food labels. Unfortunately, the widely publicized California ballot initiative was defeated after a significant influx of negative advertising paid for by major food and chemical companies. Despite this defeat, this issue is not likely to go away. An ABC news poll conducted earlier this year revealed that 93% of Americans want to know if their food has been genetically modified. Several other states are launching their own labeling campaigns, so look for more initiatives on future ballots.

Also, taking the initiative on labeling, an effort known as "the Non-GMO project" supports an independent 3rd party certification of GMO-free foods. So far there are more than 764 products certified with over 189 applications pending.

This issue has far-ranging effects with regard to labeling products "natural" or "organic" as well. In Colorado, Sonya Bolerjack has sued Pepperidge Farms in U.S. district court, saying that their "natural" claim on Goldfish crackers' nutritional label was misleading because the product contains genetically modified soybean oil. Since three of the main GMO foods in this country are corn, soy and beet sugar, a huge number of packaged food products contain some level of GMO contamination. This battle will likely ensue for many years at both the ballot box and in the courts.

There are a number of organizations that have made this health issue their primary focus and they cover it much more extensively than we can here. Some of these major organizations include The Center for Responsible Technology, The Center for Food Safety, Dr Mercola's site, and others. We encourage you to check them out to better understand this issue.