Balanced Your Hormones Through Genomics

Balanced Your Hormones Through Genomics

Breast cancer is all about hormone balance!  Too high of estrogens has been implicated in breast and uterine cancer.  Did you know that the one way you can reduce and balance estogen levels is through your genes or more precisely, your genomics.

So many of my friends have suffered with breast or uterine cancer and I see them diligently working to try to prevent recurrence.  New research is showing that one of the key ways to reduce risk or reoccurrence is to improve our body’s ability to manage hormonal levels through food and changes in lifestyle habits.

And, no mammograms do not prevent breast cancer – they simply detect if you have it or not.

The advice that you were told like eating a low fat diet, avoiding flaxseeds and non-GMO whole soy, and for some taking pharmaceutical drugs is old news.  As a matter of fact, eating foods high in plant estrogens or phytoestrogens, like flaxseeds, healthy fats and non GMO soy is actually preventive especially if you inherited certain genetic markers.

When we think of breast cancer and our genes, we think of Angelina Jolie and her testing positive for the BRAC1 gene and a subsequent a double mastectomy to prevent cancer.

But what is she had known more about how food can talk to her genes and help to prevent cancer?  What if there are other genes or genomics involved in breast cancer not just BRAC1 and BRAC2?

Guess what, there are genetic polymorphism known as single nucleotides polymorphisms (SNP) that can have an impact on how you manage your hormonal levels.  We know that breast cancer has been linked to high levels or poorly managed estrogen levels which can be caused by taking hormone replacement therapy, exposure to environmental chemicals that mimic estrogen, and from the food that we eat that has been given hormones.

But what if knew how our body metabolizes estrogen and could provide the right nutrients to balance of our hormones based on our genomics?

For instance, if we had a SNP known as COMT, we know that emphasizing foods high in magnesium like green leafy vegetables and healthy nuts can create a healthy gene response balancing our hormones.  And, make sure we have adequate magnesium by testing your levels.

Knowing your genomics is one piece of the puzzle in fighting breast cancer and in promoting healthy gene response.  Now offering full genomic panels for health and wellness as well as 23and Me evaluation.  Make our FREE appointment today to learn more.