Do You Cultivate Daily Health Habits?

Do You Cultivate Daily Health Habits?

Your daily health and lifestyle choices have an impact on your current state of well-being. Cultivating better daily habits is the key to realizing improved health and a more balanced life. Good health is a result of consistently practicing complementary habits with our food, beverage and lifestyle choices.  Practicing insulting health and lifestyle habits leads to a body malfunctioning/Disease (or Dis-Ease, meaning “lack of ease”).

How to THRIVE…not just Survive!  What daily health and lifestyle habits are insulting or complimenting your desired outcome for health and well-being? Begin to integrate complementary daily health habits and most importantly be consistent for best results.

- Drink pure filtered water for proper hydration
- Get enough quality sleep and rest
- A body in motion is a body that is alive… exercise!
- Remember to breathe, oxygenate your body
- Play outside
- Select and prepare more whole foods and support local farmers
- Sit when you eat and chew your food thoroughly to aid in digestion
- Going out to eat? Choose Farm to Table restaurants

Insulting habits will cause the body to malfunction: Make the decision to minimize the following:

- Negative thoughts, feelings, actions, and behaviors will impact our health
- Processed foods and junk foods
- Artificial, synthetic foods, and sweeteners
- Foods containing growth hormones, antibiotics and GMOs (genetically modified organisms)
- Excessive amounts of non-organic meat, dairy, caffeine, alcohol and refined sugars
- Exposure to environmental toxins (car fumes, chlorinated water, microwaves)

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