Full Moon Crystal Magic

Full Moon Crystal Magic

Hello Beautiful Souls! 


Aquarius energy is the undercurrent of civilization and reminds us that we are all just reflections of one another. The magic is in our ability to choose.

I choose LOVE.

When we choose beliefs that come from awareness, with an open mind we can find ways to connect, empower and support all involved. We know the highest vibration is love... and when the Sun is in Heart Centered Leo and the Moon is opposite in Conscious Aquarius we can align the heart and mind to expand into our higher selves. Next level of evolution is available to us all if we just open to it.


The full moon allows us to shed our lower vibrations. 
Allow yourself to feel the fullness of your love and relax, let go (trust) and release what no longer serves your highest good.

I just finished putting my crystals out under the nearly full moon! It's best to charge up your crystals a few nights before or on the full moon. As the moon is still growing into her fullness the energy is expanding and growing. Just as sunlight energizes us, moonlight can also energize. Water will also absorb the energy shining from the moon.

So... I filled a jar with water, added some quartz (amplifies and activates) and iolite (activates the visionary creative side of the mind), and laid out all my crystals under this beautiful Sturgeon Moon. I leave them out all night to absorb the moonlight magic!

Give it a try, listen to your intuition and where the crystals want to be placed for their optimal magic and don't forget to rescue any amethyst before the full sun hits them (amethyst LOVE moonlight but their color can fade in direct sun).

Enjoy your magical night!

Many blessings to you on this Full Moon!