Gratitude is something that lifts the spirit, fills our soul and acknowledges all that we truly should be grateful for on a daily basis.

It is amazing that often times one does not realize how powerful being in gratitude is and can be. Think of gratitude as the engine that powers your car, without the engine you would not be able to go anywhere. If that engine only gets turned on every once in awhile then it has a harder time of starting up and moving forward.

I know that some of you may think gratitude is just a simple Thank You, however it is far more than that. The words are just the vocal way of expressing it, but if one does not truly resonate from the very core of their being and feel it from the tips of your toes to the top of your head then you are not fully experiencing this amazing phenomenon.

Gratitude is an essential component of The Law of Attraction. Lets face it, we all want to attract money, success, good health, love and so on into our lives, and it is as simple as being in gratitude to achieve, attain and enjoy these things.

So you do I get myself in a state of Gratitude?

Close your eyes for a moment and put yourself in the time machine we call “The Gratitude Express”. Lets start by thinking about something, someone, or a moment in time where you experienced receiving something that you wanted. Now think about how that made you feel, connect to the tingling you might have in your body, the smile on your face just thinking about how excited you were in that moment and feel the glow of a bright white light all around you. Wow, I’m getting excited just taking you through this process. Now with every fiber in your being Thank that person or experience for providing you with the opportunity to be in Gratitude.

Every day make it a point to be grateful for something or someone. A small thing or a large thing, it really doesn’t matter, what does matter is the act of being in Gratitude. When people give thanks before a meal they are expressing Gratitude for the food that they are about to eat for the animal or plants that are now providing them the nourishment for their bodies, for the creator of those animals and/or plants. A simple thank you to the person clearing your dirty dishes after a meal in a restaurant is a wonderful, yet simple way of being in gratitude.

Once you get into the Gratitude Groove, you will never want to miss a moment to experience it. Then watch and see how your life turns around, changes and how much better you feel. Most importantly is that once you get Your Grove On, then Pay it Forward . Just think if we had a world of people in Gratitude.....

I am Grateful that you took the time to read this. Please pass this long and let me know how you got your Gratitude Grove on...

Terri Tilton