Reiki And The Collective Energy Of Sports

Reiki And The Collective Energy Of Sports

I love sports. When I’m not writing or reiki-ing, there’s a good chance that you’ll find me watching football or basketball, or playing fantasy versions of these sports. I’m not the world’s most talented athlete myself, but I run a 5K or two every year, go through phases of playing in volleyball leagues, and spent a few fun seasons as a running coach for Girls on the Run.

I wasn’t always a big sports fan. I did go to a small school where the high school teams were one of few sources of entertainment in the community, so football and basketball games were common social events for me. I was a member of the volleyball team. But it wasn’t until I was an adult in my mid-twenties that sports became something I sought out and fully appreciated.

It started when I had a job as a civil servant in the federal government in Washington, DC. Networking - a critical component of success in any career or city - was especially crucial in that environment. The Red Sox were in the World Series that year, and it was all anybody talked about on their breaks. I figured I needed to start paying attention to sports so that I wouldn’t be left out of the conversation. I started reading the sports headlines while riding the metro to work every morning.

What began as a compulsory exercise to advance my career soon became a genuine interest, starting with pro football. I got into the local Washington team at that time because, honestly, I was looking for something to love. The career that I was working to build was also, unfortunately, a rather isolating one. The beauty of sports is the way they instantly connect you: to the team, to other fans, to feelings of joy and defeat, to the inspiration to try and better your own self and achieve something big.

This past two years, I’ve become a big fan of the Minnesota Lynx, my local WNBA team. Now, I love sports regardless of the gender of the people playing. But until I started going to Lynx games, I had underestimated the value of seeing other women achieve such levels of athleticism and competition.

What does any of this have to do with reiki? A couple of things.

First of all, the collective energy of sports is a reminder to me of the connection between all things. I can be sitting in my living room by myself on a blizzardy Sunday afternoon, turn on my television, and instantly be having a shared experience with millions of football watchers all over the country. Unlike watching a TV show, no one knows what’s going to happen. Every feeling is possible and happening all at once depending on whose side you’re on. All of us, all the time, are seeking a feeling of belonging and connection. That need is a big part of why we love sports. Similarly, I find that reiki energy healing is a way to facilitate those feelings of oneness within oneself, independent of the circumstances around us.

The second reason I bring up sports in the context of reiki is that reiki can be a great tool for improving one’s athletic performance, healing from injuries, and attaining mental focus that benefits competitiveness. If you haven’t already read it, check out this article about former NFL fullback Charles Way’s experience with reiki following a career-ending knee injury. His results were extraordinary, no doubt, but they are a testament to the power of life force energy coupled with an intention to heal and be your best self.

Reiki always works in your highest good. If improved fitness or athletic performance are part of your soul’s mission right now, I would love to work with you and find out together how reiki might benefit your focus, workout recovery, and physical energy levels.

Which sports get your meridians flowing? Share below!