Chocolate Energy Bites (aka, Salty Balls)

Chocolate Energy Bites (aka, Salty Balls)

Want something quick and easy to make at home that you can grab before working out? Something that gives you energy but also tastes good? Well, here you go!

This is one of my favorite recipes. I found it floating around the internet as “Salty Balls” but my teenaged-son said we should rename them as Chocolate Energy Bites (something about a famous skit on Saturday Night Live….).

I like these Energy Bites for nine reasons:

1) there’s no baking involved

2) only 4 ingredients

3) I can switch out ingredients for something else to change the flavor

4) they have carbs for energy

5) they have protein for recovery

6) they are cheaper than sport bars

7) my teenaged son LOVES them

8) I can make them in five minutes

9) they taste great with coffee

There are many variations of this recipe but I consider this the “base” from which you can build upon. For example, you can use peanut butter in place of almond butter or honey in place of syrup. You can add chopped nuts, dates, or dried fruit. You can use vanilla protein powder and dried cherries. You can add chia seeds, wheat germ, or flax seed. The sky’s the limit on this recipe!

In fact, I’d love to know how YOU vary this recipe so please comment below and tell me!

Chocolate Energy Bites

1/2 cup almond butter

1/3 cup maple syrup

1/2 cup oats

1/2 cup chocolate protein powder

Put the almond butter and syrup into a bowl and microwave for 30 seconds. Mix well. Add the oats and protein powder and mix well again. Form balls with the dough using your hands and place in airtight container. Sprinkle them with salt and freeze or refrigerate. Ta - da!

Protein 4g

Carbs 18g

Fat 7g

Fiber 2g

Let me know what you think or if you try a different version of this recipe. Follow me for more great recipes to fuel your active lifestyle.