Elliminating Stress from your Life

I'll get right to the point.
We all have situations and people in our lives that cause havoc. And we forget that by large, we have control over what goes on in our lives. Stress has so many negative effects in our lives that the sooner you train yourself to deal with it the faster you will regain your health and well-being.
Here are some easy ways to begin getting a hold of stress.

*    First take a moment to note what or who causes unneeded stress and anxiety in your life.

Noticing what causes you stress is the first step in finding ways to resolve it.

*    Come to terms with the cause. If it is a person try to remove yourself from their presence or use the bubble technique to create a shield around you. If it is an event/place either walk away or do not go there. 

*    Stop creating the same situation. If something in your life is repeatedly not working out now is the time to look at it and change the behavior to something more helpful to you.  


Following are some helpful tools to help you change your unwanted habits:

1. Be Aware - Catch yourself throughout the day and re-direct your thoughts. Be mindful of your actions. Notice what you are doing every moment. It takes practice but stick with it. You will see that your life slowly becomes more serene and you become aware of things you need to shift and adjust in your life.
2. Take up Meditation - it is really is not as hard as people say. Instead of trying to take all the thoughts out of your head start by following a mantra; something like "I am calm and joyful". Repeat it as you calmly breath in and out for a few minutes at a time and expand your meditation time as appropriate.

3. Use your breath - Very often we go through the day with shallow breaths. Remind yourself to take nourishing full breaths throughout the day. 
4. Yoga/Tai-chi/Chi-gong - take up the practice of a calm and rejuvenating body/mind exercise.
Ready for some instant stress relief? If you would like to listen to some guided visualizations/meditations please join my website to find relief and feel your chest and breath open up. You are on your way to a healthy living.
Wishing you joy and success!
Corinna ♥