How to Stick to Your Decisions, No Matter What

How to Stick to Your Decisions, No Matter What

How often do you stick to decisions you’ve committed to, even in the face of challenging circumstances?
No one is perfect when it comes to making decisions and sticking to them. But you can start today by creating a vision of what you’d love, taking a baby step, building bridges and shifting your limiting beliefs to more expansive ones. Let's take a look at possibilities, and how we can have our circumstances without allowing them to have us.

Understanding that contrast is inevitable for us all - but it is also a time when something more significant is seeking to emerge through us. Harvest the good our circumstances have to teach us and learn to use the situations in our lives to create a new beginning.

Life sends us soft signals. If we don’t pay attention, we’re going to get some stronger signals from the Universe, to help us ultimately stay on course with our soul pattern or life purpose. If we learn to pay attention to those soft signals and ask ourselves some key questions, we may be able to avoid the jolt.

Condition-based living means to live by default. Vision-based living means to live by design. When you live a vision-driven life – you’re going to find that you’re way more likely to make the right decisions, regardless of your circumstances, situations, or conditions.

1. Create a vision of the life you’d love living.

2. Take a baby step in the direction of your dream. By taking at least one baby step every day, you’re going to start to see momentum building.

3. Build bridges. Your current circumstances and your vision are most likely different, so know this: It’s VERY easy to give in to your situations OR fight and resist those conditions in our lives. So, make an effort to start saying kinder words to yourself. Begin focusing on what you’re grateful for in life.

4. Ask yourself, “Do I believe I can live a life I love living?” As you go through this process, continue to look for the places inside yourself where you don’t believe that you deserve to have a life you love.
I’ve worked with people from all walks of life, and with all kinds of circumstances. And one thing I know to be true is this: Every single one of us can live lives we love living, but not with limited thinking. So, if you don’t believe this to be the truth, then believe in my belief.

5. Start now. Whatever you do, you’re going to create results – not maybe, but absolutely. Just keep breathing, and you’re going to see results in your life.

You don’t get NOT to create results.
The question is, what kind of results would you love? What kind of results are you committed to creating? You do not want to miss this life-changing moment.

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