Learn How to Relieve Stress, The Easy Way

Learn How to Relieve Stress, The Easy Way

Learn How to Relieve Stress, All On Your Own:

Breathing Exercise:

  1. Stand Strong with both feet planted on the ground parallel, shoulder width apart, knees bent comfortably, spine lengthened tall, shoulders relaxed, tongue to the roof of your mouth. Lift your arms in front of you as if hugging a tree. Fingers pointed towards each other with spaces between them. Thumbs relaxed. Eyes soft focus.
  2. Imagine energy coming in from the earth up your legs through yours arms and out your fingertips.
  3. Breathe Deeply inward from your belly and expand you arms rounder and wider as if the tree trunk grew in diameter, fingertips pulling the energy (tips of your fingers have 5-7 inches between them). Then exhale and the tree you’re hugging is a little thinner and your fingertips become closer together (1-3 inches apart.) Repeat this movement of expansion and contraction at the rate you breathe. Notice the energy between the fingertips grows stronger with each movement and breath. Staying focused on the movement with each cleansing breath, continue the breathing pattern with this tree pose for 1-5 minutes.
  4. Bring your hands to your belly button, palm over palm, focusing all the energy you gathered between your fingers into your center. Breathe with your hands on your belly for a few breaths.
  5. Shake Out your legs, arms, and body; release any additional stress out of your body down into the earth. Notice the changes of how you felt before and now from doing this exercise.

How To Relieve Stress, by Grounding Yourself:

Best to do this seated with spine aligned and both feet flat on the ground.

1. Imagine a grounding cord from the base of your spine to the center of the earth; make it
9 feet wide in diameter and connect your energy field around you into it. See yourself as
this egg of light connecting deep into the earth.

2. Send all energy, thoughts, feelings that aren’t you and cause you stress down this cord, allow the cord to absorb and transmute the energy into light for the earth to use.

3. Release all self-created problems, ideas, compulsions, obsessions, pain down the grounding cord. You can see these patterns flowing away like a river running through you, or imagine fireworks of frustration or other negative emotions coming off your body and head.

4. Feel your head empty out, your body feeling more relaxed and present, and your heart becoming lighter.

5. Allow yourself to sit here letting go for 5-10 minutes or however long you feel like it until much of the stress has fallen away and you feel much more grounded and balanced.

Using Individual Sessions:

How to relieve stress, for clients who have more personal, situational, relational, and work challenges, I ask a variety of types of questions to find out what the stresses are.

Based on listening not only to the words, but the intent and emotions behind the answers, I work intuitively with them to understand and hear the core of the mental and emotional issues.

Together we create new perspectives, new ideas, and practical awareness, with insight to handle the challenges within themselves, relationships, transitions, family and jobs in creative effective ways. This could include visualization, bodywork, movement awareness, role playing etc.

Based on the session, I offer “Creative Activities worksheet that supports your goals” which emerged from the work we did together. This Creative Activities worksheet gives clear guidance, support, and playful motivation on how to move forward.

How to Re-energize Your Core:

You can do this anytime, anywhere, and in any physical position.

Visualize a golden sun above your head calling all of your energy out of the past and out of the future. Feel, sense, or see this energy above you growing bigger and bigger.

2. Breathe and notice the light above you becoming brighter as you bring your awareness into present time.

3. Poke a hole in this sun and allow this essence of you, this golden elixir of light to pour out from this sun into every cell of your body with energy, self-love, acceptance and rejuvenation. Enjoy breathing this essence of you into all of your cells.

4. Notice that as you fill yourself up with this light, your stress melts away.

5. Choose to bring in as many golden suns as you like throughout the day for rejuvenation.

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