Life is Too Short to be Stressed!

Life is Too Short to be Stressed!

Most of us experience stress from time to time and after the situation passes we go back to feeling like our old selves. For some folks, anxiety can become chronic and disrupt their life. There is some tremendous natural, holistic remedies will help bring the sweet sounds of living back in harmony.

Anxiety is a normal emotion and people of all ages have felt it at some time or another. It is a familiar feeling you might experience if you’re being pulled over by a police officer, or anticipating taking a tough test or even fighting with a partner. Unfortunately, when it stops being a situational problem and becomes continual is when your health can get out of sync.

When an anxiety attack occurs, it can bring along with it a multitude of symptoms and depend on the severity of the condition and the individual some awful health issues. The expression of the disorder can range from the most common being, chronic feelings of panic, fear, stress, and nervousness, difficulty sleeping, cold or sweaty hands and/or feet, shortness of breath, heart palpitations, trembling, nausea, and chronically tense muscles. To more serious problems that can include, heart disease, high blood pressure, cancer, diabetes, and pain related disorders as arthritis and fibromyalgia. There is a solid relationship between anxiety and the addiction to alcohol, smoking, and drug use, as people may try to self-medicate.

Here is how anxiety stacks up:

Generalized Anxiety Disorder involves needless and unrealistic worrying, even if there is little to be concerned about. All this self-created anxiety will cap off with tight muscles and general discomfort.

Social Anxiety Disorder is crushing worry and self-consciousness in ordinary social situations. Many are concerned with being judged by others or behaving in a way that might cause embarrassment or lead to taunting. This genuine anguish will soon start changing their behavior to avoid such situations.

Or you may have a Phobia. It is an intense fear of a specific object like snakes, spiders, or in particular settings such as tight spaces, flying, and heights. The level of anxiety is inappropriate to the situation and may cause folks to avoid activities.

The most severe is a Panic Disorder. Persons with this plight have feelings of terror that may strike suddenly and frequently without warning. They will often begin to sweat, have chest pain, unusually strong heart palpitations, or a feeling of choking that can mimic a heart attack, or make the person feel they are losing it.

Exactly why a person may develop any of the above trouble is not really known, but several factors can contribute to the condition. If you have experienced trauma and abuse and it remains unresolved, or even continual nutritional deficiencies can play a part, and environmental toxins, can also add to the issue.

Helping to alleviate many of the symptoms involves some simple, but not easy, lifestyle changes. Beginning with your diet, the more natural and ‘real’ the food, the less you will encounter anxiety issues. The more your meals come from a box, with a long shelf, the more your health will be compromised. It is common for people to get more anxious and irritable when they are hungry. It may mean your blood sugar is dropping, and low blood sugar tends to mimic anxiety. A quick remedy is immediately eating some high fiber protein, such as a handful of raw nuts. Do not eat any refined sugar this will only exasperate the problem. Having low blood sugar is much different than having type 2 diabetes. The more you avoid simple carbohydrates (sugars and starches) and stimulants like coffee and nicotine the better you will be able to keep your anxiety in check.

Get up and get moving! Anxiety is a stress response, and it generates the emotion of fear. When we perceive danger, the stress response primes us to take action to fight off the crisis or flee from it. Any kind of physical activity, even something as simple as walking, can be helpful in relieving the stress and ultimately reduce the feelings of anxiety. Countless studies are proving that exercise is a powerful antidote to anxiety and depression.

Anxiety often involves rapid and shallow breathing. Sitting in meditation is extremely helpful with calming frayed nerves. If you, say, ‘cannot’ meditate, first off you probably can and just don’t realize it! Try the next best thing, and that’s deep breathing. If you are able to lay down, put something on your belly like a cat, and breathe deep into your stomach and watch your kitty go up and down. You will both benefit from this activity, mainly the two-legged participant as it assists in lowering stress and anxiety.

It is essential to add to your daily diet several supplements. This collection of vitamins will also help correct any nutritional deficiency you may suffer.

  1. Supplements, Calcium, and Magnesium together are a natural tranquilizer. These critical nutrients help relieve anxiety, tension, nervousness, muscular spasms, and tics.
  2. And excellent Multi-Vitamin that includes Potassium and Selenium. This will aid in providing all the needed nutrients in balance. When a person is under stress, their adrenal functioning gets overworked, supplementing with potassium and selenium will get the adrenal glands in top working order.
  3. B-Complex is especially helpful for nervous and stressful people. When you are faced with tough times, your body will burn through a lot of B-vitamins. By supplementing it will get your system working correctly.
  4. Vitamin C is necessary for the stable functioning of the adrenal glands and brain chemistry. It is vital for dealing with stress. In large doses, it can have a powerful tranquilizing effect and is known to decrease anxiety. When you are at capacity with vitamin C, your body will inform you, with a loose stool. Just cut back on the dosage, and the effect will immediately go away.
  5. And finally, Vitamin E. This fat-soluble vitamin transports oxygen to the brain cells and protect them from free radical damage. Plus numerous other health benefits.

A healthy diet and whole food supplements are the most significant things you can do for your own wellbeing. The best prescriptions you can take are the ones filled by Mother Nature, herself!