Stress is usually present for anyone preparing for surgery. The Bowenwork Technique is very good at reducing stress and can often enhance circulation both of which can help the body to recover quicker from the surgery.
Some problems require surgery, however many problems can be resolved or improved with Techniques like Bowenwork. This can often help you avoid surgery or provide you with more time before surgery is necessary.
We offer a free consulation to evaluate the possibility, that we might be able to help you. We have helped many with back pain, sciatic pain, neck pain, knee ankle & foot pain. I had hip problems and we were able to keep me going until I was 86 and after the surgery the Bowenwork helped me get back to work in (2) months and I have been doing well ever since.
If you do have surgery see the next article “Recovering From Surgery” to see what we can do for you then. Thanks for reading this-give us a call.