Rituals, Connection and Flow

Rituals, Connection and Flow

Rituals have always been part of our history. There are religious, cultural, and routines that are a part of the rites of passage.  This last year I have really been focusing on using the energy around me to my advantage instead of trying to fight the energy.

Since we are in a time where some rituals take place, such as graduations and the summer solstice, I was curious as to how I could use this energy to my advantage. In order to do this, I had to first explore what the predominant feelings that came up for me.

During the summer solstice, I feel a deeper connection to mother earth and to the energy of the sun.  Graduations symbolize endings and new beginnings.

As a Highly Sensitive Intuitive Person, it is really important for me to honor my energy levels. During the summer, the heat and the fact that my kids are off routine, can push me into a lack of motivation. I can also become more stressed because when I do want to work I just seem to have less time. In the summer we take a vacation as a family, my kids are in summer camps for part of the summer but they are not as long as school so if I expect to get the same work done, I will get stressed. 

So I decided to make the following changes:

  • I created a ritual so I can feel more connected to Divine source. This will help me decide what to prioritize and what to delay or even let go of.  I am lighting a candle, saying a prayer and pulling a Goddess card for the day. If I need guidance for a specific situation, then I pull cards for that. I then journal and start my day.
  • I have reduced what I expect to accomplish. Usually, I have a list of things that I do every month which included marketing and just the administrative tasks in my business in addition to serving my clients. In the summer I have decided not to take on new marketing activities if I get excited about something I schedule it for the fall or put it on a list to explore in the fall. I will not stop marketing, my marketing will be more focused on connecting with women and my community.
  • Hiring help. I have hired a Virtual Assistant to help me with some tasks that I have been putting off for a while and to free up energy and time. The energy that I spend on rescheduling these activities or even feeling bad about them is now channeled into asking my VA to take care of them. The time I can use to enjoy my kids while they are still at home, to rest and focus on my clients. 
  • I haven’t let go of my self-care. There are some things that I do for myself to maintain my health and well being so that I can do the work with my clients and still show up in my life. I decided to prioritize these activities such as exercise, acupuncture, and coaching. My kids will get to see that it is OK to take care of yourself and work. 

What can you change in the summer? How can you embrace the energy of this time of year, how you feel and how your life changes? If you are not sure and need help with re-structuring your life. Please apply here for a free 45-minute clarity session.