The “3 S” Method to Holistically Reduce Anxious Feelings

The “3 S” Method to Holistically Reduce Anxious Feelings

If you start to research anxiety or anxiousness, worry, stress, insomnia you will find so many solutions. Some of them are contradictory and others are supportive. In my work with clients over the years there are a three things that I have found that can help decrease stress. When you decrease your stress you are also potentially decreasing anxiousness, worry and insomnia.  I am going to urge you to seek professional help if you suffer from Anxiety or Severe Insomnia, this post is meant to be supportive and not a substitute for treatment. 

Our stress comes from our thoughts. Our thoughts come from input/stimuli. We either remember an event, see something happening in front of us, or are anticipating something. This input can be something very common as running late. Our stress doesn’t come from event of running late, it comes from what our thoughts from running late. If you are meeting someone you may worry that they will think you are inconsiderate, or that they may leave before you get there, or simply you may be concerned with making a bad impression. When our thoughts ruminate then our hearts start to race, and our breathing becomes shallow. You are now feeling stressed. 

On the other hand if you were running late and thought: they will understand, everyone is late sometimes, or let me send them a text and let them know I am going to be late. You will feel significantly less stressed. Working on improving our thoughts about events definitely reduces stress, that is a process that takes time and practice. If you can work on your thoughts you will be able to reduce your stress. In addition to and while working on improving your thoughts about events, here are some holistic ways to reduce worry/anxiousness. 

Three Keys to Reduce Anxious Feelings Holistically 

Sleep/Rest: For some of you sleep in itself is a challenge. You may read this suggestion and think that this is just not possible for you, if sleep is a challenge, start with resting. Most of us spend very little time resting or relaxing. In fact, many of my clients do not know how to rest or relax without drinking alcohol or watching TV. I am going to encourage you to set the goal to sleep at least 7 hours a night, 8 is better. Of course paying attention to your unique pattern, you may need more or less sleep.  This means you may have to leave 30 minutes before bed to fall asleep. Before bed, take some time to rest by reading,  listening to relaxing music or even taking a bath. 

Silence: Spending some time in silence everyday, even if it is five minutes. I know you have probably heard about the benefits of meditation and may have tried to meditate and found it challenging. I am talking about experiencing silence from all your senses. Allowing your eyes to close, no sounds, resting your body, and just breathing for at least five minutes. If you have thoughts that’s fine, just allows the silence to calm your nervous system. 

Surrender: Take the time to do what you can do, take the action you need to and then surrender. Allow the results to be what they are meant to be and allow Divine to support you. Ask for support from Divine daily and have faith that you are taken care of. In order to create a deeper connection to Divine I am going to suggest praying or even pulling Oracle/Angel cards. 

Try these suggestions and see how it positively impacts your body, mind and spirit. 

If you need help with managing your stress holistically, please contact me to book a complimentary 45 Clarity session.