Contradictions and Health

In your journey to manifest true health and vitality, what can we learn from nature?

According to natural law, contradictions don’t exist. Contradictions only exist in thinking. The contradiction is either an error or a lie.

  • The Error: We don’t have enough or adequate information to arrive at the truth and/or we don’t understand what we are looking at to recognize the truth. Maybe the method to acquire the information was faulty or purposely misled. Regardless, there is an error and the only way to correct the error is do more research, investigating and questioning.
  • The Lie: We could be lying due to cognitive dissonance, that is, the truth is at odds with our belief system and rather than change what we believe, we prefer to continue believing a lie. We lie because we have a vested interest (an agenda) in maintaining a certain outcome, possibly for financial gain or creating/maintaining power, typically over others (a form of slavery).
    How does this help you?

Throughout life you encounter contradictions. They can be frustrating and problematic. When you happen upon a contradiction, rather than ignore it, or accept it because it matches your beliefs or call it “fake” because it goes against your beliefs, maybe you should consider understanding it. Are in the presence of an error, a lie or a combination of both.

I am not going to break down health-related contradictions because there are so many and where would I start much less end. What I am going to offer are a few thoughts:

Your perception is not reality! Just because you believe it, does not make it true.

When it comes to eating, for example, many become dogmatic in their beliefs. This is unfortunate. In spite of very obvious health challenges, they are unwilling or incapable of seeing the truth, that they are doing more harm than good by their actions.

This is also common with over-exercising. There are a lot of pseudo-athletes that are training well beyond their capacity to heal and/or their mechanical abilities. All they are doing is wearing themselves down and setting themselves up for trauma.

When it comes to eating or any lifestyle choice for that matter; Do you do so because it is based upon a belief you hold in spite of what your body is communicating with you?

Science is not Religion. Many contradictions involve the world of science and academia.

Religion requires faith to explain that which is too difficult to understand or goes counter to anything your senses may tell you. Questioning religion, personal or otherwise is typically frowned upon. Much of modern science is seen in a similar light.

It has become taboo to question science as if science is infallible, incapable of being manipulated, altered or flat out wrong!

While the scientific method when applied properly is effective, the scientific method is not always followed and the results can easily be manipulated. Science involves numbers. In the right, or I should say, “wrong” hands, numbers can be made say just about anything.

When you have blatant, obvious and at times purposeful deception taking place within any given field or discipline, questions should be expected and individuals at fault should be held accountable. That is a reasonable expectation which rarely happens.

There in lies the challenge. If you do not ask questions or are not allowed to ask questions or receive answers, how will you ever learn the truth?

Anytime you are questioned for asking questions, be highly suspect of that which you are questioning and whom you are questioning. This is a huge “red flag”. Be wary in these situations. I suggest you turn and run. Run far and run fast.

Agendas are Rampant. It is natural as a human to believe in the good will of others. Welcome to reality, where the opposite is alive and prosperous.

Part of the reason for so many contradictions is that they are developed in a society created by man and man is flawed. Often contradictions include an ulterior motive. One that is not in YOUR best interest. It wouldn’t be the first time that science or any methodology has been manipulated, distorted and even fabricated to support an idea, product, theory, practice or other marketable device.

Why would anyone possibly behave this way? Simple, follow the money trail! Money is often at the root of nefarious activities. While money is a huge motivator so is building or maintaining power, control or leverage over others (a form of slavery).

While I hate saying it, the truth is that a lot of people will lie for money, power and influence.

Agendas do not happen accidentally without intention and effort. Be suspect contradictions in the presence of:

  • Slick marketing and repetitive advertising often with the use of celebrities or high profile characters.
  • Marketing focused upon appealing to one’s ego over substance
  • Blanket statements that apply to everyone as being the same
  • Promises of outcomes that require minimal if any effort on the part of the user

Agendas exist throughout the health and wellness industries and contradictions follow. You see them daily within the supplement industry, MLM (multi-level marketing) opportunities, body-makeover exercise routines, detoxification programs/products, modern medicine (allopathy) and even health-related documentaries.

I am not saying these are all inherently bad, just offering that they all offer easy opportunities to take advantage of an unsuspecting individual suffering in their own skin with health challenges, or under the false impression that how one looks physically defines who they are.


Contradictions, while common are not naturally occurring. Contradictions are man-made. When you see a contradiction, don’t be afraid to ask questions. Such as; What is being said? Who is saying it? Why are they saying it? Who is benefiting? How will it affect me? Does it make any sense or follow any path of logic?

When considering a contradiction, don’t think of one side being right and the other wrong. Rarely is it black and white? Often, the truth is a shade of gray.

Think of all the studies that say to eat this but don’t eat that. Then a month or two later you are told the opposite. While it is possible they are both wrong, it is unlikely. What is likely not taken into account is biochemical individuality. The fact that everyone is unique in their metabolic function as they are in their fingerprint. You can learn more by reading Biochemical Individuality by Roger J. Williams Ph.D.

There never was, nor will there ever be another person in existence exactly like you. For this reason alone you should never expect that your response to any lifestyle choice, including diet, rest, exercise, stress reduction or supplementation will results in exactly the same response as it did in another.

Biochemical individuality is a law of nature. If you can understand it, you can gain a perspective that will make your health and vitality building journey safer, more efficient and ultimately more effective.

  • It is important to be open-minded to possibilities, but also be skeptical of false promises and inferred results.
  • Use your brain to gain knowledge, not just accumulate information.
  • Don’t forget to learn how to listen and communicate with your inner voice, that innate wisdom you carry, that cannot lie.
  • If it sounds to good to be true, it probably is.

The Awaken Your Health Programs; FDN® Functional Health Coaching, Your Perfect Diet and Movement as Medicine have been designed to look beyond the contradictions and utilize natural truths in a manner that is most appropriate for your unique needs.

Health and Vitality are birthrights. Live the life aligned with nature and reap the benefits.

Contradictions don’t exist in nature, only in thinking. It’s either an error or a lie.