My 7 Meal Planning Hacks

  1. Fruit, yogurt and nuts work great for snacks. No, they aren’t exciting, but who cares, it’s a snack to hold you over until your meal…and these things happen to taste good and be really good for you!
  2. You can always add fruit to your meal if you’re short on veggies or whole grains.
  3. Realize, that you are going to be buying way more produce. Are you going to need to go to the store more often or will you buy a mixture of frozen/canned/fresh to make sure you always have a stock of vegetables
  4. Your meals don’t have to be perfect. You are going to eat pizza and cheeseburgers sometimes. Maybe you can have a salad first or add more veggies onto your pizza.
  5. Do what you have to in order to make the vegetables pleasing to you. Do you need to add a little butter, seasonings, dressing or cheese? That’s OK, focus on the words “add a little”. Also, when you add a little fat to your veggies you absorb the fat soluble vitamins better and it also increases your feeling of satisfaction/fullness.
  6. Just eat the same thing. It’s OK if you don’t make a different gourmet dinner every night! I like to take pics of the my meal planning sheets and then just use the same one a few weeks later if I didn’t feel like doing meal planning on the weekend or if I just ran out of time (which happens a lot)!
  7. Confession - I don’t plan my breakfasts and lunches really. I tend to eat the same 3 or so breakfasts and the same 3 or so lunches, so this makes my morning routine pretty speedy. Someone said “variety is the spice of life” and maybe that’s true, but finding variety can sometimes be time-consuming!!! Keep it simple.