Pain Relief with Ayurveda

Pain Relief with Ayurveda

Why do you ask me about my digestion and elimination when I am coming to you for back or joint pain? It is an understandable question.

What is often behind pain, is inflammation/heat, what we call in Ayurveda-pitta. The heat originates in the gut and overflows into general circulation (think blood and plasma) and spreads and then lands where there is a weak point--perhaps the weak point is a place that runs in the family or a place that sustained an injury.

In Ayurveda, the key principle is that opposite qualities balance. If there is excess heat, then cooling is the treatment direction. Stated differently, heat plus heat =  more heat. 

As each aspect of the body and mind are connected, in Ayurveda we seek the root cause of the present symptom, so that treatment may go as deeply as possible, versus suppressing symptoms and not addressing the source of the discomfort and pain.   

Please read Angela's story below...

Release Pain

“I have had amazing success working with Veena to calm inflammation and muscle/joint pain and improve digestion. Through her food recommendations, I now know what foods to eat. Her herbalized oils, teas and spice mixes are amazing!   

In one month, I have gone from considering pain medication and cortisone shots to feeling whole (and sane and hopeful) again. 

My General Practitioner could find nothing wrong with me despite a barrage of blood tests. In just two hours with Veena, she knew exactly how to help me. I have more energy, more focus, more motivation, more patience (just ask my kids), more happiness and less pain. Amazingly less pain. 

I am a different person thanks to her knowledge and care. I strongly recommend that anyone that suffers or who wants to feel better, start working with Veena. After seeing the changes I experienced, my family sees her now too.”

--Angela Bruentrup, 3M, PMP, Becoming Consulting