TONG REN Meditation Healing

TONG REN Meditation Healing

A brief overview of Tong Ren, Tom Tam’s 21 st Century distant healing modality

Thank you for your interest in Tong Ren, a 21st Century, long-distance (no physical touch)
energy healing modality based on Traditional Chinese Medicine acupuncture.

35 years ago, Tom Tam, a certified acupuncturist and QiGong Master, travelled from Taiwan to
the U.S. where he set up practice in Boston. One evening a Chi Gong class participant and acupuncture
client had a sudden attack of sciatica. Tom Tam had no clean acupuncture needles, so he took some
dirty ones, drew a rough sketch of the human figure on a piece of paper and applied needles to the
designated acupuncture points on his drawing. The woman's leg pain quickly disappeared and she was
able to continue class.

Tom Tam knew he had discovered something important. He set up weekly "Guinea Pig Classes". These classes attracted hundreds of people willing to become subjects of the new technique Tom Tam called Tong Ren, which gave new hope for cures from everything from arthritis to cancer. Over the decades, Tom Tam created specific healing protocols for almost every ailment and wrote up his findings.

Institutions of higher learning in the Boston area took an interest in Tong Ren and published studies
showing the efficacy of this new healing concept. In addition to Traditional Chinese Medicine, the
practice draws on principles of Jungian Collective Unconscious as well as a form of “brain entrainment.”

Tom Tam’s Tong Ren gatherings transitioned from testing a new theory to saving lives and "Guinea Pig" Classes continue to serve communities throughout the world. Tom Tam became passionate about sharing Tong Ren with the world. Eventually, he designed and manufactured plastic figures and magnetic hammers to replace the original paper figure and needles and published his healing protocols so everyone could learn the new healing art easily and inexpensively.

Essentially, Tong Ren is the practice of tapping on plastic acupuncture dolls with magnetic hammers to build up Chi (energy) to clear blockages which occur along acupuncture meridians. Blockages can cause disease. Over the years, Tom Tam has expanded his philosophy to incorporate principles of quantum physics to improve results.

Additional benefits of my Tong Ren Meditation Healing Sessions:

My classic Tong Ren monologue includes anatomical information, not only as part of the healing
protocol, but also to celebrate the amazing, human, physical form… to say “thank you” for the 24/7 bio-
chem-electrical wonder that is you!

I include a “Column of Light” meditation in my Tong Ren sessions which clients love. This short
visualization enhances the long-distance healing by allowing the mind to focus on pure energy to help
create optimum health. I also include several other shorter meditations to further the healing process.

My Tong Ren protocol provides deep relaxation which is essential for de-stressing, rebooting
(physically and emotionally), enhancing the immune system and maintaining and restoring good health.

Group- Love Offering accepted ($5 minimum)
Private session- $50
Phone Session- $35

Many thanks to my teachers: Tom Tam, Joe Lucier, Anubha Boudaris and Thayer Burch