Bring Divine Feminine Power to Work

Bring Divine Feminine Power to Work

                                Bringing Divine Feminine Power to the Workplace


By Dawn Marie Jordan


I am in awe of our human capacity for change, our ability to love in the face of pain and rejection, our ability to move even when we feel endangered, our courage to go where no one has gone before when we are moved by a compelling idea or a nagging question. 

My compelling question to myself at the moment is “How do I bring Divine Feminine Power into the work space? How do we create disruptive business models that honor the real needs of resilient bodies, open hearts, curious minds and spiritual freedom? 

Two weeks ago I joined 140 software engineers, coaches, trainers and inventors in Berkeley, California to try on an innovative approach to professional development called Open Space. These were Agile business practitioners using Open Space conferencing  methodology to harvest the best ideas for bringing Agile management thinking and operations into companies set up in the traditional command and control business model common in the American workplace. That’s like putting a round peg in a square hole!


There I was in a room full of tech heads. Me who just wants everybody to love, honor and cherish their bodies, who wants everyone to just reconnect with our heart’s deepest longings for our collective well-being. Touch me, move me.

The contrast was fascinating! And I was captivated from the beginning.

In Open Space meetings, there are no invited speakers. Whoever is in the room can propose a topic, pick a breakout room a 2 hour timeslot and see who shows up.

Given that freedom, I proposed a conversation around what it would take to bring Divine Feminine Power into the workplace.  This was definitely an outlier invitation to the attendees. 

And I was astounded by the depth, vulnerability, courage and wisdom that came out of that conversation. I am still digesting it all 2 weeks later. 

Here are some of my notes:

How do women name, claim and unearth their buried divine feminine power?

1.     Reconnecting our bodies to the earth’s natural rhythms.

2.     Building sacred sisterhoods, supporting other women.

3.     Ending competition for the attention of men.

4.     Cultivating intuition.

5.     Practicing curiosity for what wants to emerge.

6.     Start to notice the love in every person and how it is moving.

7.     Own your true value in the marketplace.

8.     Make home your sanctuary. Create beauty and calm.

9.     Live with the intention of making the workplace thrive for everyone.

10.   Learn to love our bodies, reintegrate our broken pieces.


How do men cultivate divine feminine power?

1.     Beginning from nothing, not knowing, facing that fear.

2.     Beginning with your spouse, life partner, your beloved, your girlfriend.

3.     Learning to trust love, honesty, vulnerability. Open conversation can find a way.

4.     Letting down your shield. Why warriors need to rest.

5.     Accepting every man has a divine feminine aspect to his psyche longing for full             expression.

6.     Identifying men who have strong feminine presence and values.


How do we increase the flow of love in our social system?

1.     We care for the body as the temple of our spirits, the seat of the soul.

2.     We track and measure fun, inspiration, pleasure, collaborative joy and the feeling of accomplishment that comes from a job well done.

3.     We reorganize work hours and schedules so they reflect real needs of the body, mind, heart and spirit.

4.     We reorganize how we support families in the workplace.

5.     We rethink how workers are compensated so money is spread widely and equally for the benefit of all.


How I set the stage for a workplace filled with divine feminine power:


1.     There is an open hearted welcome: beauty and calm in room, delicious food and drinks. The room is laid out in clear order to facilitate movement of participants.

2.     Seating is in a circle. In a circle, everyone is seen, heard and cherished, no one can hide, everyone has to show up. Everyone’s voice can be heard.

This gives everyone equal power. King Arthur’s Knights of the Round Table is a good example for men to understand the power of the circle.

3.     The circle also supports your ability to be present in the moment, receiving information and responding from your highest and best inner resource.

4.     My function as host is to hold the whole circle in a bigger energetic field of love and acceptance and trust so whatever wants to emerge from the collective intelligence in the room feels welcome. In the coaching/facilitating profession, we call this “Holding Space.”

5.     We begin with an attitude of curiosity and openness to new ideas.

6.     In meetings held by Divine Feminine Power we practice talking to each other in non-violent, inclusive language. We speak from the heart. We own our personal experience and honor differences as the best path to collective insight and wisdom. We include even what is painful to us.

7.     There is no separation between our personal and professional lives. All of who we are shows up at work.

8.     Divine Feminine Power consciously receives and welcomes new arrivals to the workplace.

9.     Divine Feminine energy creates operational calmness and flow. It teaches workers how to collaborate and synergize rather than command and control.

10. The Divine Feminine business model aligns your personal mission, vision and purpose with the company’s mission, vision and purpose so it is easy for everyone to get the job done easily. When someone or something is out of alignment, it’s easy to identify and readjust.

11. In Divine Feminine organizations everyone gets paid a living wage for their neighborhood. There is equal pay and benefits for all.

 This is where I am beginning!


Send me more feedback and insights and questions! [email protected]