My VBAC Story

On 2002, I delivered my first born under 16 hours of epidural.  I was naïve, had little to zero support, and with a L&D nurse with no patience or tenderness.  I loved my baby beyond belief and had no problems bounding with him after a vaginal birth but what haunted me was the lack of support. 

For my second Birth, I studied, learned, meditated, hired a doula, etc.  and was ready to have baby the natural way.  Everything went perfectly natural until pushing time.  My overachiever was in distress and after pushing, stop pushing, wait, then pushing, we lost his heartbeat to many times and I as wheeled in for a C-Section.  This time my husband and the new hospital staff was amazing and made up for my intimidated frozen doula but I had C-section. 

I was pregnant again 4 years later and was determined to have my natural vaginal birth.  Once again I switched hospitals and hired midwives.  Even though I had to drive further, I was not going back to the operating room.  The midwives were amazing but I also had to meet with a doctor.  The Doctor told me that they would let me labor for about 12 hours before they would suggest a C-Section again.  Once in labor everything was going as planned until, labor took a bit longer than I expected.  That 12 hour mark screamed in my ears and that made that transition time overwhelming due to my fear of the doctors suggestions.  I remember that he came in to speak with the midwife during the beginning of my transition. 

I was able to get through it and I birth my VBAC princess a couple of hours later.  I love my decision to have a VBAC, despite family, friends and doctors warnings.  I would do it all over again.  I am a Birth Doula now because no woman should feel alone even when there are so many people around her.  To Support is to Love!