Broken Gut? Big Tummy!

Broken Gut? Big Tummy!

Can a busted digestive system make you hormonally fat? The answer is Yes!

Have you tried all of the latest diets and are about to wear out your membership at the local gym and you still can’t lose weight?

Maybe the answer to why you can’t lose weight is in your gut.

Many of my clients struggle with their weight and at the same time have digestive conditions like IBS, GERD, bloat and the embarrassing gas – never a good moment for gas!  That got me thinking – could there be a connection between poor gut health and inability to lose weight.

Well, it looks like there is.

Imbalances in gut the microbiome or what I like to your bacteria garden can lead to increase calorie absorption from food that we eat.  In other words, that 100 calorie apple, is now 125 calories!  That is a 25% increase in calorie or energy!

Your bacteria garden can also be overwhelmed with weeds – or pathogenic bacteria.  Too many weeds are never a good thing.

Just like our garden, too many weeds will rob our vegetables of valuable nutrients and choke off the roots.  This can lead to dysbiosis and in some cases small intestinal overgrowth (SIBO).

How do we get too many bacterial weeds?

 - Western America Diet – High in sugar and processed fats.

 - Antibiotic Use

 - Stress

 - Chemicals & Processed Foods

 - Nutritional Imbalances & Deficiencies

 - Lack of Healthy Fiber

So just how does “bad” bacteria keep you from losing weight?

Some “bad” bacteria like gram-negative bacteria Pseudomonas Aeruginosa, will eventually slow down your liver’s ability to detox and impair thyroid hormone function!  Bad bacteria or weeds can also increase what is known as lipopolysaccharides (LPS) which are very pro-inflammatory.

Chronic inflammation is sure death to weight loss.

So, are you struggling to lose weight and have any of the following???

 - Food Sensitivities/Intolerances


 - Diarrhea

 - Constipation

 - Bloat, Gas

 - Chronic Infections

 - Colds

 - Thyroid – Hashimoto’s

The first step to managing your weight is growing a bacteria garden full of diversity and abundance.  But before you can do that – you need to pull the weeds!

Let’s chat about how you can finally get rid of those extra pounds.