Re-set for weight loss and optimal health

Re-set for weight loss and optimal health

Summer is upon us and so many people are asking me about my 28 day re-set... what is it, will it help me lose weight, what will I eat and more. Here I want to break all this down for you.

Summer can be hard to stomach if you have fueled this season with enough junk food and booze to last a lifetime.  There are so many outside barbeques, vacations, graduations and more.  

That being said, it's the perfect time of year to regroup, refresh and begin to repair any damage as you move into this season with ease.  

While there's no magic reset button, giving your body all it needs to encourage its natural detox processes will help you to have a healthy start to summer.  

My re-set class teaches you how to take out any food that is causing inflammation in your body and put in whole food nutrition so you start to heal your body from the inside and the weight starts to magically fall off, energy goes up, skin clears, sleep improves and more.

To be successful on this re-set you must keep these 5 tips in mind-

1. Don't starve yourself- I have talked to so many people lately living on green juices and intermittent fasting. Your body needs fuel to survive and thrive. Your body needs nutrients to remove toxins, have energy and shed weight. Give it good, nutritious foods and the weight will start to drop off. Restricting your diet to only a handful of foods and omitting entire food groups will drive nutrient deficiencies and slow-down this natural detox process.'

2. Don't waste money on teas, powders and potions claiming to help your body detox. These don't work and most of them are loaded with synthetic ingredients that do more harm than good. Real, whole food is what your body needs to detox and re-set.

3. Know what foods promote natural detox- berries, mushrooms, kale, nuts and seeds, avocado, flax seeds, warm lemon water and more.

4. Set realistic goals- you can lose up to 10 lbs on my re-set however I would set a realistic goal of 1-2 lbs a week for sustainable weight loss. Losing more weight than that can sometimes be water weight and it won't stay off.

5. If you aren't quit ready for a re-set but want to make some healthier habits, start by eliminating these 6 foods from your diet. This alone will put you on the road to better health. Sugar, processed foods, gluten, dairy, alcohol and caffeine.

If you are interested in learning more or want to register for my upcoming re-set class starting soon. Please email me today @ [email protected]

Love and Health, 

Coach Kela