Two Tips to Help You Lose Weight, Improve Energy and Feel Great

Two Tips to Help You Lose Weight, Improve Energy and Feel Great

Just about every day someone will ask me what is the one thing they can eat or drink to have more energy, lose weight, sleep better, or improve their overall health? “Improving the way you feel and function is an everyday lifestyle, not a pill you take.” I continue with informing them, “One must build the foundation of a healthy body before creating the ideal structure and function of a healthy body”

When we feel symptoms like fatigue, difficulty sleeping, weight gain, or other common symptoms it is a result of not providing your body with the sound fundamental nutrition Mother Nature provides for us. People who are experiencing these symptoms most likely have hormonal systems that are out of balance. This certainly does not mean that people with these symptoms need to be taking hormone tests or ingesting hormones. The human body is an incredible, complex and intelligent machine. The brain (or super computer between your ears) knows exactly how to balance the hormonal system when it is provided with the foundational building blocks to do the job.

Hormones are made from complex proteins, fats, co-enzymes, and much more. They are not created from proteins and fats that man has processed and packaged for you in fancy containers.

Health Tip #1

Eat whole un-processed foods.  If it was not around 10,000 years ago do not eat it. Some whole food examples are meats, vegetables, fruit, eggs, and whole grains.  Grains ground up into flour are no longer whole foods.

Whole foods are what your body is designed to eat. What happens if you put water in the gas tank of your car? It will stop working. The same thing happens with the human body.

For the last 120 years humankind has been processing foods more and more and the health of humans is paying the price for it. In 1920 studies estimated that 1 out of every 30 to 40 people would suffer from some form of cancer. Today those numbers are now 1 out of every 2.

Hormones control your immune system and your body’s ability to fight off disease. Hormones also manage many other systems in your body.

When I ask people if they are eating whole foods they typically reply with “I try”. Trying is not doing. If your body is important to you, 90% of the time you should follow these guidelines.

Feed your body whole foods three times a day starting within the first hour of waking up in the morning so your body can create the hormones needed to balance your energy systems. Ideally each meal should contain vegetables, proteins, and fats. Proteins and fats in whole foods are already combined in good ratios.


Health Tip #2

Drink one ounce of water for every two pounds of body weight. For example, I weigh 180 pounds so I drink a minimum of 90 ounces of water per day.

Virtually every system in your body is dependent upon water. Water is a solvent and the human body puts nutrition and waste material in water to move it around and out of our body. If there is not enough water to remove the toxins and wastes, your body will need to store it in body fat. If your sweat smells foul you can guarantee your body is over loaded with toxins and waste.

The water you drink should be clean. Filtering with a reverse osmosis filter is one of the better approaches to removing toxins from the water before you drink it.

Remember, if you are ready to improve your energy, sleep better, and lose some weight, eat more whole foods. If it wasn’t around 10,000 years ago don’t eat it. Drink enough clean water for your body weight every day.


There are two excellent books on these topics if you are interested in learning more:

Nutrition and Physical Degeneration, by Weston A. Price

Your Body’s Many Cries for Water, by Dr. F. Batmanghelidj.


What are some of your favorite wellness books?