Weight Loss Roadblocks

Weight Loss Roadblocks

In theory, losing weight just takes eating less.

In practice, lasting weight loss requires a realistic plan that suits your life and your taste buds. As you start, adjust your expectations and make the most of your effort.

Listed below are common mistakes to avoid and better strategies for permanent weight loss.

1.           Restricting entire food groups.

Better strategy -  Get enough nutrients from all groups to protect your health and potentially lose more weight.

2.           Eating too few calories.

Better strategy – Focus on getting good nutrients from real food, rather than counting calories.

 3.          Not having a specific plan.

Better strategy - Identify small, attainable goals, such as fewer sweets, more vegetables and added walks. Having met those goals, after a week or so, add more goals.  This is the basis of the WildFit program.

4.           Not drinking enough water.

Better strategy: One of the six hungers identified in WildFit is thirst. You may decrease your appetite by drinking water and eating water-rich vegetables throughout each day and before meals.

5.           Sitting too much.

Better strategy -  Intentional movement. Simply walking more and doing physical chores can boost your metabolism, energy and motivation to succeed.


If you are making a resolution to lose weight and gain better health, and yet you know you are going to struggle to keep that resolution, then choose WildFit as your goal.  You WILL achieve the results you are looking for!  Contact me at [email protected] for more information on joining my next WildFit 90 Day Challenge that stats on September 9, 2019.