Self Test: The Basics of Nutrition

Self Test: The Basics of Nutrition

With food alone - the right kind - REAL food - you can reduce pain and turn diseases around quickly! That's what FAST Food Healing is all about! A new way of looking at what you eat. CHOOSE what you eat. There are no HAVE TO''S...those just cause resistance. CHOOSE a food lifestyle that brings joy and health into your life. Try this quick and simple assessment to start with the basics...

 1. Do you have at least 4 cups of vegetables daily?

Yes  No  Sometimes



 2. Are the only grains you eat organic, whole grains (no white flour)?

Yes  No  Mostly



 3. Is the majority of the meat and poultry you eat pasture raised and organic?

Yes  No  I don't eat meat



 4. Is the majority of the fish you eat wild caught?

Yes  No  I'm not sure



 5. Do you avoid GMO’s (genetically modified organisms)?

Yes  No  I'm not sure what that is



 6. Are beans/legumes a regular part of your diet?

Yes  No



 7. Do you avoid vegetable oils 90% of the time?

Yes  No



 8. Do you use mostly fruit oils, like olive, coconut or avocado oils?

Yes  No



 9. Is your plate:

1⁄2 full of steamed veggies, 1⁄4 full of whole grain and 1⁄4 full of meat, fish, poultry or beans

3/4 full of veggies and 1/4 full of meat, fish or poultry?

none of the above



 10. Do you regularly eat raw, fermented vegetables?

Yes  No  I don't know what fermented means



 11. Is fresh fruit your go-to snack?

Yes  No



 12. Is filtered water your main beverage?

Yes  No



 13. Do you use dairy products rarely (or never) and as a condiment?

Yes  No



 14. Is there basically no white sugar in any of the ingredients of the foods in your cupboards?

Yes  No



 15. Do you use mostly raw honey as a sweetener?

Yes  No



SCORING: One point for each ‘yes’ answer.



The Standard American Diet (S.A.D.) is a guarantee for chronic illness, digestive issues and poor mood. It is so not fun to feel this way. I teach fun.


You’ve clearly been learning and changing to higher quality foods. Keep it up! Five more points and you’re an All Star!!


You’ve got it! Feelin’ good, lots of energy, good mood. DANG, keep it up! Ain’t life great??


I mean, some folks just REALLY want the good times and they go for it! Enjoy all those wonderful flavors! See you at the top!


How'd you do? (: