Women's Health: Go With The FLOW

Women's Health: Go With The FLOW

From the Chinese Medicine perspective, Women's Health is all about flow. Flow of our emotions, flow of energy within our body, flow within our day to day lives. The organ system energetically responsible for flow is our Liver/Gallbladder. The Liver/Gallbladder helps us process emotions, stress, frustration, and anger. The aspect of Nature that resonates with this system is Spring, the season of creative transformation. As a result, our Liver/Gallbladder also longs for us to be freely expressing ourselves creatively in all ways possible.

The Liver/Gallbladder is connected with the function of the ovaries and uterus and thus the menstrual cycle and fertility. Our menstrual cycle provides a reflection of just how things have been flowing...or not. If things are in a good state of balance in your life and body, the cycle comes and goes like the passing phases of the moon. The cycle becomes an opportunity for the body to release and renew itself. Any symptoms (headaches, breast swelling/pain, back pain, digestive issues, heavy bleeding or clotting) before or during the cycle are a sign of Liver/Gallbladder energy stagnation. Traditional Western treatments such as birth control pills mask the underlying root cause and can contribute to further Liver/Gallbladder stagnation over time.

So what is it that blocks Liver/Gallbladder energy flow? The number one cause is blocked emotions and stress. Emotions are like the weather, when we surrender to them they come and go and serve an important purpose clearing and releasing energy stagnation throughout our body. Have you ever observed young children? They continuously pass through emotions in waves: exuberant dancing for joy, throw yourself on the ground tantrum, crying with waterfalls of tears. This is the emotional body's wisdom! We begin to suppress emotional expression in life for many different reasons. Now is the time to begin a practice of emotional expression!

Begin this as a solo practice in a safe, sacred space. When there have been emotions stuffed away for months, years, a lifetime, it can be both scary and explosive to begin release. The car is a perfect place to begin (yes the almighty safe, sacred car : ) Allow yourself to play with releasing your voice. Take a slow deep breath in and then on the out breath feel into your body and allow the voice to release whatever that feeling is. This could come out as a grunt, a howl, a groan, a cackle, no rules here! Eventually allow yourself to open to releasing through yelling. Liver/Gallbladder stagnation becomes like a blocked volcano and using the voice helps to move that energy up and out.

Movement is also an excellent way to move stuck Liver/Gallbladder energy. Observe trees (which energetically reflect the Liver/Gallbladder) in Nature when the wind moves them. They flow with the wind and allow it to shake everything from leaves to trunk. You can mirror them by practicing "shaking the tree!" Squat down then slowly wiggle/shake yourself upward moving every joint you can. Eventually you release your hands and your voice up to the sky with an "ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Repeat this as needed. You cannot overdose : )

Dancing freely is also a fun, easy way to help move stuck Liver/Gallbladder energy. This system is connected with the flexibility of tendons so allow those limbs to be loose and flowy. Again, no rules. I recommend you put on music you love and "dance like no one is watching!"

You can also support your Liver/Gallbladder with acupuncture, acupressure, Chinese Herbs, healing foods and Qigong. You can learn more about these treatments and practices through DaoCloud articles and my website which you can view in my profile. In general, the concept is always the same, all these techniques are about restoring flow.

So why is this flow so important? At the physical level blocked flow is responsible for pain (including migraines), digestive issues, menstrual problems, sports injuries / tendon problems, and even allergies. Over time blocked Liver/Gallbladder energy leads to depletion of our precious life force stored in the Kidney/Bladder system. The repository in your Kidney/Bladder is like a savings account that you received from your parents during development. Depletion of this life force leads to menopausal symptoms, bone loss, hearing issues including tinnitus, memory problems, back, knee, heel, and foot pain.

The Liver/Gallbladder along with Kidney/Bladder also play also an important role in hormone balance and fertility. Keeping good balance of these systems ease the transition of menopause. In addition, the Liver is one of three energy lines that run through the breast. If you want to prevent breast issues, including cancer, you want to keep that energy moving and flowing.

Finally, because the Liver/Gallbladder are about creative manifestation, maintaining flow well help empower you in whatever endeavors you take on at home, work, and beyond!

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