A Deep Dive Into Root Cause- The Microbiome

A Deep Dive Into Root Cause- The Microbiome

As I began school with Functional Diagnostic Nutrition, I entered this deep-dive into root cause.

I started asking myself what MY root cause was.

Unlike many people who started feeling sick in their 20's or 30's, or maybe as a child, I was sick at birth. So, tracing my root cause led me to asking questions about my birth... and then even further back to what might have happened in utero.

My mom had a very happy, uneventful pregnancy. She was eating vegetarian, which might have meant she had some iron or B12 deficiencies, but otherwise, was healthy. 

My mom fought to have a natural, drug-free, vaginal birth with both me and my sister, despite many of the doctors and nurses acting like she was nuts.

It was unheard-of in the mid 70's!

So, there I was, born vaginally. I was immediately cuddled by my mom- crying. Then I was placed in a warm bath and massaged by my dad. I stopped crying and relaxed.

Calm, serene, warm, womb-like...

But, something wasn't right. 

I immediately broke out in eczema all over. Somehow, the doctors tested me and found out I was allergic to every. food. on. the. planet!

I was also IgA deficient so I was in an immune-compromised state. The mucous layer that was supposed to line my GI tract, protecting me from pathogens and the outside world, was not there.

There was talk of needing to put me in a bubble. My mom wouldn't have it.

My mom could only eat 5 foods to breastfeed me.

At 6 weeks, I began having ear infections and was put on antibiotics continually until about 6 months. I was also put on Benadryl and it would keep me up for 24 hours straight, at times. My mom was miserably sleep deprived.

Each attempt at a food introduction resulted in anaphylaxis.

Since I couldn't tolerate any food, I was put on Neutramogen- a synthetic non-food formula with 60% sugar. I became addicted to the stuff and remember sneaking into the cupboard to eat it dry, by the spoon full.

At 18 months, I was diagnosed with asthma, but that wasn't when my breathing problems began. I was rushed to the hospital 3 times prior, unable to breathe, with blue lips, yet got little treatment, because doctors didn't believe asthma could occur at such a young age.

From 18 months to 3 years, I was in intensive care with severe, uncontrolled asthma and unable to eat much. My future was looking bleak.