My First blog post for Zero Balancing! Please comment or contact me with questions!
As, I have continued my journey as a Zero Balancing Practitioner, I have become more and more fascinated with the power of the “pause”.  The “pause” is what I believe sets Zero Balancing apart as a healing modality. That can facilitate true healing and creates the space for healing to occur, but why is the “pause” so important in Zero Balancing? The pause in essence is the time or place where the body can recognize “healing” can and will take place, amid all the stress and chaos that is our lives, there is always hope for change. Zero Balancing offers that hope for change through the power of the “pause” and that change can occur at any time, as long as the body is open and ready for it to occur.  Zero Balancing does not force change to occur, only invites it.    
The pause cannot be random, meaning that during a session it is time to take a break! No, it is more than that. The pause is a conscious or even subconscious time to reset and reorganize our body systems, both for the practitioner and the recipient.  As a ZB practitioner, I have become more conscious and aware of the use and timing of each pause during a session.  I believe it has enhanced my client’s experiences and each session has brought about a new and deeper level of healing for them.  This can be seen in their breathing patterns, their renewed sense of calm and improved balance.  More importantly, I have noticed, that as important as the use of the “pause” is during a session. Each client responds to the timing and frequency of each pause differently. Some of my clients, I have found prefer more pauses, while others prefer shorter or more frequent pauses. Again, everyone is different, and each session can be different depending on your client.  So, if you are looking for a different healing modality that alleviates your pain, amplifies calm, can reduce stress, increase your energy levels, but also can bring greater awareness to areas of tension in your body, give Zero Balancing a try and experience the power of the “Pause”.
Thank you and Be Well,
James Ross, BSN, RN, LMT

Zero Balancing Practitioner