Daka Jag, MA;MFT, MNLPP, C.Ht. CTE

Daka Jag, MA;MFT, MNLPP, C.Ht. CTE

Board Certified Master Hypnotist, Tantra Educator, Master Neurolinguistics Programming Practitioner, Certified Tantra Educator

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Awaken & liberate women, men and couples using energy & arousal through Tantra Yoga, in an intimate energy art called HypTantra.

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About Me

The TEACH practice is limited to trauma based and Sexual Freedom Hypnosis and an exclusive practice combining the ancient art of Tantra with hypnosis called "HypTantra". Daka Jag™ only does hypnosis involving trauma, sexual abuse, PTSD, or other past or present trauma in a person’s life. If you have had a previous diagnosis of anxiety, depression, or have felt that something just doesn’t feel right but there is no memory of abuse then the TEACH method may be for you. Daka Jag™ is a certified member of the Sexual Freedom Network. His development of the exclusive form of trauma release cal...

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What inspired me to become a wellness professional?

I started working with women suffering from trauma in the 90's and realized there are common threads when someone has had trauma. I decided to start learning and practicing Hypnosis because of the immediate ability to find the initial sensitizing event.

My hypnosis training and experiences with clients quickly helped me realize when a person feels powerless due to abuse or trauma, the key to moving forward was to give a person concrete ways to take back their power. By changing how someone looked at the trauma and it's affects they immediately found the ability to change their present...

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How my clients describe their first visit?

"I had pain in my neck my entire adult life. My abdomen felt heavy I felt like there was a weight I just couldn't get rid of. In one 2 hour appointment with Jag I discovered hidden sexual abuse in my past. I felt lighter immediately after our session. The pain in my neck immediately disappeared. It has now been over a year, I felt lighter immediately and that lightness and freedom is still with me. The pain in my neck has never returned." Megan H.

"This was the most amazing and enlightening thing I have ever done for myself. From the moment the appointment started I was put at ease....

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What I say to someone who has never tried Tantra or Hypnosis. Why not Both? "HypTantra"?

This is an amazing, relaxing and intimate process that allows you to find trauma or personal issues that awareness will heal. Through using a specialized type of Tantra and hypnosis combined or hypnosis alone you will find heaviness or questions in your life become clear and you are able to regain your power from past negative experiences.
You will open new doors to intimacy and loving relationships in your life.

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